Welcome to the World of Microfluidics

Microfluidics has become an important field of the scientific research game, bringing new dimensions from the macro bioreactors to the micro bioreactor arena. In three episodes we will take you on a journey through the World of Microfluidics. Here you can learn how the smaller micro-training-complexes have brought precision, safety, economic and green advantages. Watch the high intensity game in the micro arena and meet the international research stars, who are taking microfluidics to the next level. 

We hope you will enjoy our animated universe and we encourage you to explore our official projects BIOINTENSE and EUROMBR, which the short films are based upon.

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Welcome to the European Micro Cup - the scientific game of microfluidics!

The three episodes each represent your ticket to a whole new dimension of micro-scale technology


Microfluidics & Microbioreactors

Claim your ticket to a completely new dimension of microscale technology and discover how microfluidics has changed the scientific research game from the macro days to the microbioreactor arenas. Learn more about the many great advantages microbioreactor-based products have for us and our environment.

Enzymes vs. Substances

We welcome you to the European Micro Cup, where the top enzymes and substances bring high intensity to the game, as they battle it out in the micro-arena with strong support from their research coaches.

Explore our research outside our animated universe by visiting our official BIOINTENSE project webpage.

The EUROMBR project

Meet the international veterans and future stars of the microfluidics research world, who are all working hard to score the ultimate scientific goal of taking the revolutionary game of microfluidics to the next level through the support of the EUROMBR project.

Learn more on the sponsors of the future of the microfluidics research game by visiting our official EUROMBR project webpage.

The Making Of

This is a short Making Of of the triology "The World of Microfluidics". It shows roughly how the films have been done - enjoy!

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 is a single stage knowledge based bio economy (KBBE) collaborative project. The main objectives in BIOINTENSE are to increase biocatalyst productivity and process intensity. This will result in economically feasible processes by integration and intensification and also shorten the development times by developing optimized tools and protocols that can be widely applicable in industry. More than this, the lack of fundamental understanding on the interactions between reaction, biocatalyst and process characteristics will be addressed to minimize the uncertainties with respect to the cost of future biocatalytic processes. BIOINTENSE will also increase understanding about the factors contributing to the total cost and environmental impact.

Please visit our website: BioIntense homepage



 (European network for innovative MicroBioReactor application in bioprocess development) is a Marie Curie initial training network (ITN).The main objective of the EUROMBR project is to deliver a trans-European network of industrially oriented specialists fully trained in the development and application of microbioreactor (MBR) technology to support the progress of innovative bio-based manufacturing processes. In the current state-of-the-art, biocatalysis is increasingly being applied to the manufacturing of bulk chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. This project aims at further promoting the use of microbioreactors (MBRs) for more efficient screening and scale-up of biocatalytic processes.

Please visit our website: EUROMBR homepage



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